13 Signs You Need to Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur

13 Signs You Need to Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur

I recently read that the quintessential “good job” left America for good around the year 2000. I am not sure if this is true but I feel they are quickly becoming extinct and jobs are changing at break neck speed. Statistics state that four out of every five employees desire to quit their current job or find a new job that pays more money.

Today’s workers are overwhelmed and underpaid. It is common business practice to combine several jobs into one position in order to pay the employee less. This translates into lower salary, less time at home and minimal personal time. Many employees get trapped in a cycle of making it to pay day and they don’t have the time or resources to build a life. Many people are stuck in a job they see as a dead end and it is robbing them of their prosperity, creativity and their dreams. For ever one job available eight people are competing for it.

These factors are influencing employees every where to pursue their entrepreneurial dream. The following signs are indicators that it maybe time for you to transition from employee to entrepreneur.

1. You struggle to get out of bed to get ready for work each morning.

2. You arrive late to work for no reason.

3. You feel fine all weekend but you start getting stressed about work on Sunday night.

4. You find it easy to call in or lie in order to be off from work.

5. You see your job as a burden instead of an opportunity.

6. You pretend you are working when people come into your work area.

7. You don’t see anything fulfilling in the work you do.

8. You are demotivated and do just enough to get by.

9. You waste several hours during the work day.

10. You are not alert or innovative at work.

11. The most exciting time of your day is lunch and when you getting off work.

12. You constantly miss deadlines.

13. You find no inspiration from managers or co-workers.