5 Leadership Principles For the Successful Entrepreneur

5 Leadership Principles For the Successful Entrepreneur

It is an established fact the only 3{be17667924e0676001cfaaf1886d6ef17d700bff9b5272e3e9de385367daa030} of the world’s population are independently wealthy. If you are an entrepreneur or a leader, that should fascinate you. That should make you want to examine how the 3{be17667924e0676001cfaaf1886d6ef17d700bff9b5272e3e9de385367daa030} were able to achieve that status. Well I have the answer in the most rudimentary and easy to understand form. I have the keys to the foundation of their success. Many people call themselves leaders, or entrepreneurs when they own and run a business or direct people in some way, but a true entrepreneur, the top tier kind of leader I want to discuss is in the top 3{be17667924e0676001cfaaf1886d6ef17d700bff9b5272e3e9de385367daa030} of all entrepreneurial leaders and is there because of their actions, attitude, integrity and their ability to know and follow these 5 simple principles.

The first of these principles is Visualization or Meditation on your goals. It goes without saying that anyone wanting to realize any level of success needs to set goals. But don’t stop there. A successful leader knows what their goals are and takes the important time to focus and visualize on their success. The practice of seeing yourself achieving, visualizing your success in your goals helps keep optimistic feelings, stay motivated and inspires you and also assures that you are continuously reminded of your goals and your purpose.

Action Plan:
Take 15 to 30 minutes daily for quiet and concentrated visualization and meditation on your goals. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool and it can keep you from… or help drive you drive you toward your goals and dreams. Take the time to really see where you want to be. Put yourself there, Feel what it’s like to be there and carry that feeling with you throughout the day.

The second habit of a 3{be17667924e0676001cfaaf1886d6ef17d700bff9b5272e3e9de385367daa030}r is probably the most important habit. That is, a 3{be17667924e0676001cfaaf1886d6ef17d700bff9b5272e3e9de385367daa030}r performs income producing activities on a daily basis. In fact, the suggested ratio is you need to spend 80{be17667924e0676001cfaaf1886d6ef17d700bff9b5272e3e9de385367daa030} of your work time each day on income producing activities. So, if you work 4 or 5 hours a day, or 10 to 12 hours a day, you figure your 80{be17667924e0676001cfaaf1886d6ef17d700bff9b5272e3e9de385367daa030} and perform income producing activities. What that is for you in your work day may be different that what it means for others in theirs.

The 3rd principle or habit is Personal Development. Successful leaders continually work on themselves. Personal development is one of my desired areas to work in. My library is full of books and videos and it seems each day I add something to a long list of books that I need to read. If you need direction on what you should work on, consider your chief weaknesses in your business. What is the most important weakness you have keeping you from getting where you want to be?

Is it knowledge in a certain area, goal setting, focus? Maybe it’s mindset. Whatever it is, find it and work on it only, until you feel it is no longer a weakness holding you back, then work up the ladder to the next weakness. You can master a weakness in many ways. Some of things I do are internet research (cheapest), reading books, taking a class or masterminding with others who are proficient in that specific area. As you might notice, every one of these recommendations require action, It’s not going to come to you.

The key here is to discover the weakness and do not put it off, the weakness will not go away, and you will not progress.

The 4th principle or habit is to mastermind with other leaders. A successful entrepreneur has to recognize that they do not know it all. Get out and meet the business leaders in your community. It just doesn’t make sense to live on or try to succeed on your knowledge alone. Don’t be so closed minded or naive to think that your way is the only way or the best way. Let others who are successful help you and share with you what works for them. Truly successful people are willing to share their story with you. Masterminding with other successful leaders is so critical to your success and for your continued growth. When masterminding, you will give and take so plan to teach as well as learn during these gatherings.

The 5th and final basic habit you need to establish and follow as a successful leader is to develop the expectations of leadership. Act like a leader. To be a successful leader, you have to act like a successful leader. You have to develop your mindset and presence to act like a successful leader. Leaders are poised, leaders are calm and patient, leaders are diligent and respected. A leader has integrity and character.

If you aren’t where you want to as an entrepreneur or leader, you may be lacking in one or more of these 5 principles in your life. One of my favorite quotes comes from a man I have never met but have a great deal of respect for, as he is a mega leader in my industry. John Jackson says “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

As you work toward your dream future, consider these 5 most basic and fundamental principles as your steps to success. To your success!