The Maldives are a chain of more nearly 2,000 islands located off the coast of India in the Laccadive Sea. The scenery is always stunning and the weather is always beautiful, making it a perfect vacation or honeymoon destination. When you’re there, consider the following things to do:

1. Snorkelling and Diving

Whether you are a beginner, experienced or a fully certified diver, you’ll be able to enjoy the underwater scenery of the Maldives. Many places are shallow enough for you to see the underwater activity from beach. If you want a closer look, try snorkelling. You can rent the gear for a nominal fee at any of the resorts, most luxury resorts in fact give you access to this gear for free, and you’ll soon be enjoying the spectacular underwater life. Many resorts will train beginners divers as well, so whatever your experience level you can enjoy this activity in the Maldives.

You’ll discover more than 400 species of fish here, and nearly every island has its own “house reef” to explore. You’re also likely to see turtles, rays and even baby sharks. If you want a little guidance, find diving and snorkelling excursions to join.

2. Day Tour to Male

Male is the capital and the most populated island in the Maldives. One must-see is the local fish market. In fact, some of the largest fish you may ever have seen are constantly arriving from local fishermen. Watching master butchers skin and fillet these astounding fish is a remarkable experience; ask a vendor for a tiny slice of dried marlin for a tasty surprise!

The National Museum is an impressive structure which contains historical items such as a variety of old Quarans, sultans’ clothing, police memorabilia, model boats and old weapons. It also contains a few natural items from the sea, such as coral.

The 400-year-old Hukuru Miskily mosque and the Grand Friday Mosque, that can hold more than 5,000 people, are certainly worth a visit. Remember that this is a Muslim culture, so you must dress respectfully if you want to spend any time there.

Finish your tour maldives with a stop at the Botanical Park, the highest point above sea level in the Maldives at eight feet. Be sure to enjoy an Indian-inspired meal here, as well.

3. Island Hopping

Life at your resort is much different than the way the locals live, so take advantage of one of the island-hopping excursions and visit a nearby island where the people are welcoming and friendly. You might see schools, graveyards and buildings made of coral and other natural materials. You’re also likely to find some quaint souvenir shops, but remember not to purchase any protected items such as shark’s teeth, coral, or anything to do with turtles.