Granite countertops are great to add flare to any space in your home. The smooth texture and glossy colour shine of the granite surface will add class to your space. Kitchen, bathroom or bar top… every space can be stylized with good granite tops kitchen counter decor.

Building a new house, buying a flat or just remodelling your home, consider granite tops in your plan and choose your granite tops carefully. Follow the tips bellow and use your wisdom. See the success after your hard work. Friends, neighbours and relatives are going to be awestruck at the new glaze in your home.

How to choose Granite Countertops

It is best to choose a big granite selling factory or store rather than depending on small outlets. You are going to spend a lot on your granite counter tops so be sure you spend well and wisely. It should last long. Try going to places that are recommended by others you know.

Buy material with which you get a warranty. Request the salesperson to allow you to check the sample and a big slab in sunlight. You can look in details to check for any defect or problem. Also, check the shine after using water and other usual fluids like phenyl and oil. Good granite should not be affected with these. Find out how to clean them.

Take a sample home and try spilling it and cleaning it. That should let you know if it’s good for your kitchen. You can also read guidelines in magazines on interiors and home improvements. If you are going for kitchen renovations, try to compare the granite with the previous one you had. The new one should be better in every aspect.

How to choose Colour

Choosing the colour of your granite countertop is an important task that needs your attention. Granites usually come in black and white. These are classy colours but you must be careful about the rest of the furniture and their colour in that particular space. Also, black and white are expensive as they are charming. Brown – chocolate or earth or light – is a great option if you like changes frequently, for these go well with almost all colour combinations.

This is the best colour for designing kitchens and kitchen remodelling. Green is a great granite colour. Look at various shades. Very dense green can give you a forest feeling that can be romantic. It’s great for bars and master bathrooms. Bathrooms however look best with blue granite.

The splash of sapphire blue on water is a breath-taking sight. Red is the most expensive colour in granite, but can jazz up any space in your house. It’s ‘the colour’ for your private bar or living room counters. Show off with black or white furniture with red granite countertops.

What Else to Consider

While selecting your granite colour, take a sample of your kitchen cabinet or surrounding wood work. Place them side by side and you’ll know if you’re buying the right colour combination. Do the same with the flooring. The flooring must match the granite tops.

Bring a sample home if you are renovating and check the colour compatibility. If you are building your house, you can order beforehand. Check the colours under naked sunlight and different light patterns or systems in your house to see what light does to the appearance of your combination.

Good granite should be complemented with good light as well. It’s not necessary that you have matching coloured furniture-and-flooring-and-granite, but do make sure that they complement or at least go with each other and your room doesn’t look bizarre. Getting good granite countertops is one important part of your home improvements.