Time Management – How To Gain An Extra Hour Every Day Book Review – Top Ten Tips

Time Management – How To Gain An Extra Hour Every Day Book Review – Top Ten Tips

Although Ray Joseph’s time management guide “How To Gain An Extra Hour Every Day” was first published in 1955, it contains principles which are still very relevant. It is still highly regarded in Japan as a main reference for efficiency.

While over 500 time management tips are included in the 240+ pages, I’ve put together my top ten list of favorites here which will give some idea as to the scope of this book:

1. Motivate yourself out of bed each morning by spending a few minutes after waking concentrating on the most enjoyable and pleasurable activities ahead for that day. Page 5.

2. For men: Learning to use an electric shaver can save much time in the mornings. Investing in a good quality shaver along with the use of a pre-shave preparation will give a close shave. Just discipline yourself to stick out the 7 to 10 days required for the skin to adjust before optimal results can be enjoyed. Page 11.

3. Regardless of the exact organizer you use, be sure to create a to-do list for each day and update and re-prioritize as the day progresses. This single step can pay huge dividends in time management and productivity as the mind is trained to focus on the most important task at hand. Page 20.

4. Determine your body’s peak periods of productivity. This may involve keeping a note for two or three weeks and monitoring your activity but once identified, your peak periods should be kept for your most important tasks. Page 44.

5. Here is a simple but very effective time management method for handling paperowrk. Deal with paperwork using two simple rules:

First, handle the piece of paper as soon as it arrives in your hand.

Secondly, decide which of these four actions you will take:

  1. act on it
  2. pass it on
  3. file it
  4. discard it

Page 65.

6. Improve reading rate and retention using four simple steps:

  1. Read with a purpose, not aimlessly
  2. Concentrate on first sentences
  3. Don’t move your lips as you read
  4. Avoid word-by-word reading

Mastering these four steps can make a massive difference to how much material you can absorb and remember. Page 158.

7. Use waiting time profitably by either reading or relaxing. Always have reading material with you to utilize those odd minutes when you are kept waiting. Or, learn easy relaxation techniques so you can conserve your energy and remain fit and alert during the day. Page 179.

8. Turn your car into an educational center. Use traveling time wisely and listen to audio programs or audio books while driving or stuck in traffic. Page 193.

9. Make sure you are not sleeping more than you need. Monitor you body over a ten day period by cutting back sleeping time by an hour or a half hour and see whether you can still function as well. According to some analysts, many people sleep the number of hours they do out of habit, not necessity. Page 216.

10. Do grocery shopping early in the morning just after store opening when there are no crowds. This can be a major time saver! Page 228.

We may not be able to change the length of a day from 24 hours to 25 hours, but we can utilize those 24 hours in such a way as to gain an extra hour through prudent balanced time management.

Ray Joseph’s book certainly fulfills that goal by providing a reservoir of time management tips and suggestions from which to choose.

Title: How To Gain An Extra Hour Every Day

Author: Ray Joseph

ISBN: 0722529953

Revised edition: 1994