If you always liked the thought of having many wives but would prefer the upkeep one then you should be looking for a Gemini woman. With a Gemini women you are guaranteed at least two wives and on the occasional weekends as many as three or four!

Naturally there is a small catch, with Gemini women you will have trouble settling her down long enough to take anything too seriously as her mind is always travelling. When you look a little closer you will find that the several women that make up a Gemini are a romantic missqgemini one who is capable of intense passion. Depending on her age you will find a Gemini woman fickle and unpredictable to some extent. First she will love you for your smile, the way you walk and talk, then once the novelty has worn off she will reverse to criticizing everything from your socks to your haircut with clever sharp sarcasm. However don’t let this put you off the market for a Gemini as remember you’re getting more than one which is a bargain.

Gemini women are not daft; you will find many of these women as lawyers, producers, IT experts, Doctors and many other careers which need some amount of brains. Imagination is key with these women. If you want to be loved in imaginative ways this is the type of woman for you.

They can play the giddy party girl to perfection, and then change into a demure and adoring housewife, where she can quickly switch to a serious intellectual talking about politics, philosophy but then suddenly turn into a buddle of nerves showing raw emotion, tears and fears.

Once you have proposed to your Gemini woman you can pity all the men who are doomed to a life of monogamy with just one woman. You will have several wives with your Gemini, wife one will be able to adjust too just about anything you throw at her. If you expect faithfulness this won’t be a problem. If you plan to move around a lot with your work she will relish the adventure of setting home in new towns. She will have a smart head for business and back all your plans.

Wife two will be moody and will challenge you mentally. She will not be easily shocked by life nor have any preconceived prejudices.

Wife three will be bored and depressed with housekeeping routines, the beds maybe unmade and dishes may stand in the sink. However she will be very affectionate and interested in any soul -satisfying conversations you have into the early hours.

Wife four will be a happy laughing mother who won’t allow her children to restrict her. Her children will imitate her independence and benefit from it. They won’t get away with missing homework but could get away without picking their clothes up.

Wife five will be a beautiful hostess, and expert at the whole candlelight dinners. You could bring any guest to tea including the Queen and she will be so gracious and charming your guests will never want to leave. She will organise her life effortless less, dress like a fashion model and you can take her to art galleries, concerts, in fact she will be at home in any kind of society.