Organo Gold Review – Is Organo Gold A Profitable Business Opportunity?

Organo Gold Review – Is Organo Gold A Profitable Business Opportunity?

Organo Gold officially launched in September 2008 with a mission to bring the treasures of the earth to the people of the planet. It is a brand-new exotic coffee blend made from 100{be17667924e0676001cfaaf1886d6ef17d700bff9b5272e3e9de385367daa030} Arabica coffee beans. It has scientifically developed a healthy alternative to regular coffee that not only tastes terrific, but makes people feel great!

What makes Organo Gold coffee so unique is its blend of an ancient Chinese herb that was used for more than 4,000 years to improve wellness, called Ganoderma Lingzhi. Ganoderma in Ancient Greek means bright shiny skin. Lingzhi in Chinese means herb of spiritual potency or also described as the Reishi Mushroom – mushroom of immortality. Although Reishi or “Gano” comes from countries such as Japan and China, the healing powers of this herb are fantastic!

Who Created Organo Gold?

Bernardo Chua or “Bernie” founded Organo Gold with an exclusive strategic alliance agreement with one of the largest certified Organic Ganoderma producers in the world. Bernie had a clear intention with Ganoderma, to better the lives of people around the world from the ground to the cup, one person at a time. Bernie a legend in the Direct Sales Industry, built a 500,000 Member Direct Sales Organization in the Philippines and is a 5 time winner of the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award.

Bernie is now credited for introducing a “Healthier Coffee” concept and Ganoderma to North America and the world on a mass scale. Under his innovative and dynamic leadership, he has created a global family that is growing and thriving each and every day. He is dedicated to maximizing Ganoderma with scientifically developed products that the public demands.

Is Organo Gold A Profitable Business Opportunity?

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage next to water and the second most traded commodity after oil. It is recession proof and has large profit margins. Coffee is a 70 Billion dollar market globally and people drink it everyday in every corner of the world.

Organo Gold Compensation Plan is simple, promote the sale of its products on a recurring basis. There are 7 different ways to earn money with its compensation plan. Retail, fast start bonus, and dual team commissions is where one should focus when getting started. They also provide a unilevel commissions that 9 levels deep, matching and generation bonuses, and gives its member an opportunity to create wealth on a global level.

This is a solid Company and an excellent opportunity for someone who loves coffee or for anybody looking to generate extra income. Don’t just focus on friends and family, also learn a way to generate your own Organo Gold leads automatically without picking up the phone!