Online Reputation and Enterprise Management

Online Reputation and Enterprise Management

Online reputation management (ORM) is a key challenge to all online businesses. With the power of user generated media (UGM) increasing day by day, there is an immediacy to identify the malicious contents generated from undesired sources. Many instances, which aimed at tarnishing the image of a brand, have been reported regularly. With internet flooding with comments and posts from millions of users, it has become extremely difficult to track these posts. An SEO company can be of great help to you in such situations. Online reputation management is now included as part of the online marketing services in many SEO firms.

It takes several months of strenuous efforts to build a brand. This hard-earned brand image can be destroyed within a few minutes by a single person upset with your company. It may be an unsatisfied customer or a disgruntled employee who could make use of the easiest but the most influential medium of Web to publish malicious remarks about your brand. Though it is difficult to prevent them entirely, you can control them and take precautionary measures by adopting tactics. An SEO company can help you do this by offering a number of tools to track and manage such entries.

The most effective method to track the entries about your brand is through alert services. You can create alert for entries related to your brand, product, competitors’ names and names of your employees, etc. Sign up for the email alerts from popular alert services from Google and Yahoo!. You may opt for tracking these entries hourly basis or daily basis as the situation demands. Monitoring the entries every hour will help you deal with the crisis immediately and save your brand’s reputation.

Another important method adopted in online reputation management services includes RSS feeds. Create custom RSS feeds for important keywords related to your business. The popular sites from which RSS feeds can be created include,, Google News, MSN News,, Yahoo! News, etc. Some of the Web sites such as provide you the option of searching a single keyword across multiple search engine feeds at the same time.

With the help of an online marketing firm, you can devise a detailed action plan by listing out the important Web sites, including blogs, forums, and news portals, which need to be monitored. The SEO company also provides you effective tools to improve your brand image online.