Founded in 1980 by Mark), Herbalife is now over 25 years old and boasts 1.5 million distributors in 65 countries. What does Herbalife sell? Primarily vitamin supplements and herbal weight loss pills. The types of things that have no real scientific testing and is mostly unregulated by the Food and Drug administration.

Herbalife found an innovative business model: convince the people that purchase these products to work at home as “distributors”. Yes, another Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company that says they offer the world’s greatest business opportunity which is based on selling products. Charge these people for training materials, set up costs, toll-free phone numbers and web sites to contact for more information. Require them to buy product for sale up front, hence many of these distributors end up with a lot of product that they have a tough time selling. Almost no one actually earns a real profit from buying the MLM products and reselling them. Why you may ask? Its simple, their products are too expensive. Similar or cheaper products are available online or in local stores. There is little real need or LONG TERM demand for these products.

What about the diet itself? What is the Herbalife Diet? The Herbalife Diet is an easy, but expensive, diet consisting primarily of supplements as well as one well balanced meal per day. The overall purpose of Herbalife is profit over a healthy diet, however people can achieve fairly good results on it in the short-term, but in the long term, it could adversely effect their health. Some of the Herbalife supplements contain Sida Cordifolia, which is part of the Ephedrine Alkaloids family.

There are definitely various pros and cons to the Herbalife Diet. Some of the pros are that it has easy to follow instructions as well as simple shakes and meal replacements. However, in my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros (no pun intended). First and foremost, the Herbalife diet is extremely expensive. Second, weight loss may be as a result of calorie loss without a build in muscle mass to keep the pounds off once you go off the supplements. Third, Ephedrine has been shown to have very bad side effects and has even caused death in some people. Additionally, Ephedrine will cause you to build up a drug tolerance. In other words, the dosage that works for you at the beginning will not be enough to cause the same desired effects down in the long run. Finally, there are simply not enough calories in the diet to increase your immune system or build muscle mass.

Conclusion to the Herbalife Diet and sales opportunity:

This diet should not be followed. It is dangerous and is not a lifestyle that can be maintained. Any weight loss will be followed by weight gain in the long -term and will experience withdrawal symptoms once the diet is removed.

Personally, I’ve completely Lavorare con herbalife avoided these types of MLM programs altogether. Any diet or life style change should be made with a doctor or certified nutritionist. Many of these diets are fads and will not be around in the long-run. Eat healthy and exercise, its pretty simple. As far as selling these Herbalife products, I wouldn’t waste your time as there are other, more stable ways to make extra income as I have been able to make a comfortable living from the internet at home much more easily.