Google has always been in love with brands. As we analyze the Google search results for prominent search terms, we can see that top positions will be some popular business or website which has developed a branding in that niche.

Branding is developing an identity for your business or website. It is something which makes your business or website unique and that will differentiate you Brand Anchor from your competition. Branding also means developing “trust factor” among users. This is one of the major factors which Google takes into consideration while positioning the web pages for search results.

It is also often the most difficult aspect of the overall marketing plan. But following the tips given below, you can very easily start developing a brand image for your website and online business.

Create And Develop Social Media Presence:

Social media is now the most effective way to develop a branding for your business. Create a marketing campaign for effective brand recognition in social media. Use the social media as a place where you interact with your present customers and future prospects. Business pages on major social networks like Facebook and Twitter are a must in this campaign. Get people follow or like your page by offering free goodies or other useful information. Factors like number of followers or fans, interaction level, usefulness of shares etc are taken into consideration by Google and other major search engines. All these factors together will help out in identifying you as a brand.

Get Listed In Major Business Directories

Getting yourself listed in major business directories with proper address and phone number gives you more credibility. It also increases the trust factor. Google places,, Dmoz, Yahoo directory are some principal business directories. The company profile page with your company website link is good for SEO as well as getting yourself recognized as a brand. More number of such business listings from local as well as prominent business directories will definitely aid you in developing a brand image.

Using Your Brand Name as Anchor Texts:

It is advisable to make use of brand name as anchor text for around fifty percent of the inbound links. Usually keywords are used as anchor texts for backlinks. Also you can insert your company name along with your keyword and use that as the anchor text. It gives a signal that you are someone in that particular niche and will result in pumping up your search result positions.