Business Name Creation – 5 Tips For Choosing a Good Business Name

Business Name Creation – 5 Tips For Choosing a Good Business Name

The business name is arguably one of the most important elements of a business. It’s the word that will be spoken on customer’s lips, the phrase that it typed into a search engine and the name used when answering the phone. As humans we all have subconscious feelings towards certain words of the English language.

Certain words can inspire confidence whereas others can be seen as weak and lack lustre.

The business name is the one constant feature that will always be associated with your company. Branding can change and new services can be offered but the name will remain.

With this in mind it is worth considering the following key tips when choosing a successful and strong name for your business.

Be Specific: There is a lot to be said for a business name that clearly describes what it is that you do. If you sell toy trains make sure this clear. It is also worth checking whether your chosen domain name is available online. A specific business domain name will rank highly in the search fields. By including what it is you provide within your name this will transpire in more relavant search results being pointed in your direction.

Positive & Memorable: As mentioned in the introduction, a wise choice of business name will be the use of a word or words that have positive associations linked to it.

A common association will work best as you are assured the fact that nearly everyone will think of you in a positive light.

A memorable name is a great benefit for maximising the chances that potential customers think of your company at the critical time.

Benefits: Be sure to mention where possible the benefits your business can supply. This can be via the medium of a strong description. For example ‘Delia’s Delicious Dishes’ The more the name can allude to a benefit the better.

Check Originality: You may have come up with a real gem of a name only to find a few months or even years down the line that someone else is also trading with that name. This can be a source of great anguish. Make sure you check which business names are already in use via Google and Companies House.

Avoid: Try to avoid the use of numbers unless it is essential to your business. This kind of thing goes in and out of fashion and is best to avoid. Also it is advised to steer clear of using your name for your business name. It won’t tell your customer what it is you do, it is not the best SEO business practice and it shows a clear lack of imagination.

One final point of note that will come in handy: Always seek out a second opinion and gauge feedback before finally agreeing upon a name.